Sunday, December 18, 2011

This is my hair took about 4 hours using the Twist & Rip method..

Part of the major changes going on in my life right now involves my hair! Check out my video to see what I have going on!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Not much of a blog entry more of a blog statement.....I often times, when my life is going good and things seem to be flowing within what the Universe wants for me (and it always wants what's best), find that people I talk to and people I meet are going through very similar things or have similar plans in the making. I like it, it's fun making those connections.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Change of Plans / Back to Blogging After More Than a Year!

Well, It has been quite a while since I last blogged. Things have changed considerably. Andy and I are doing very well. Exciting things have happened. He is the front-man of a kick-ass band. My crafting business has picked up a bit but I've been taking a break this month because even more exciting things have been happening. Quite possibly the sale of a house (keeping my fingers crossed all goes well). Nothing ever goes as planned but things can still be amazingly awesome regardless if it sticks with the plans or an alternate rout presents itself. In our case in moving to our paradise an alternate rout presented itself. I am not going to say anything is set in stone yet because I feel that might throw a wrench in the whole thing...maybe not but none the less. So we aren't starting our own community per-say but we are going to be a part of a small one. I don't want to say too much but want to get back into the habit of blogging again so I can keep track of the progress and share my adventures with my readers. So, today will be short and sweet. I'll leave you with this: our dreams are becoming realities but in a 100% different path than we originally anticipated. Still extremely exciting though! I can't wait to share with you what is going on but I'm going to wait until the tickets are in our hands to give you the details! Sorry guys don't worry though THINGS ARE GOING TO BE AMAZING!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I found the website I was looking for!

I totally had a blonde moment... I did bookmark the website that allows people to donate to you through Paypal. It's called Chip-In. I created a Chip-In widget for us (above)! If you want to help out we are accepting donations though Paypal via the Chip-In website. Every little bit helps and we are grateful for every cent donated to help us acquire the lodge and make it a great research and development project about sustainable living off-grid!!

Ideally we would like to work with schools and universities to offer a place to stay for students doing research on sustainable living or something related. We want to be able to pay it forward and help as many people we can through this place and the community that comes together there! Our vision is one of unity and peace. We want to work together to make our life have very little impact on the environment and offer information and support to those who also would like to live an eco-friendly sustainable life. Thank you to everyone who believes in us and our vision and all those willing to contribute or be a part of our project! Please email me if you have any questions at all about this project or the property we would like to acquire for this project!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Coming up with the $$$

This post will be short, I have some work to get done. I just wanted to update you on our progress. Andy and I were discussing ways to come up with the money to buy the Sabalo Lodge in Costa Rica to turn it into a sustainable living community and it dawned on me that I had come across a website a while back where you can get donations for things like that. I couldn't find that website though. I searched and searched. However I did find another one and made us an ad. It's not set up as well as the other one, which I'm kicking myself for not bookmarking it! Well, check out the link, I must get back to work now. If you have any info on other websites where you can get donations or if you want to make a donation let me know! Every little bit helps! Thanks! Until next time!
Peace and Love
Spottie O'Keefe
a.k.a. The Hippie Pin-Up

Friday, July 23, 2010

Humid Heat vs. Dry Heat

As I'm sitting here pinning pieces of fabric together to finish the purses I started a month ago (yes I am a procrastinator but I'm working on that... eventually), I am thinking about our plans to move back to Costa Rica. All of our adventures from the 6 months we lived there before are running through my head. I remember when we first got off the airplane and stepped out of the air conditioned airport. The humidity hits you like a soggy blanket! The feeling quickly intensifies as you are bombarded by Taxi drivers competing to get you into their cab as well as many local entrepreneurs offering to help you with your luggage for a tip. Lovely people, one of the friendliest countries I've been to, although that doesn't really say too much because I've only been to Costa Rica, Canada and the US. Regardless they are nice people as long as you show them respect and don't act like a stupid American and respect their culture. Andy and I are friendly joyous people and never had any bad experiences with the locals the whole 6 months we were there. We even made some good friends even though our Spanish is terrible!

Back to the subject at hand: Humidity or Dry Heat. After finding our friend who told us he would be wearing a Hawaiian print shirt and to meet him at the pay phone, we paid the nice Tico who helped us with our luggage and we were on our way. By this point I didn't really notice the humidity anymore. We stayed at our friend's Bed and Breakfast which was air conditioned so that helped too. The next day we loaded up onto the Tracopa and were on our way to Golfito! The bus ride on the "Highway Of Death" was an adventure in itself and a whole other story! Now at this point I wasn't really thinking about the humidity just taking in the scenery and the culture of the whole experience. By our lunch stop I did start to notice the humidity due to the fact my shorts were sticking to my thighs. I never really had breathing issues with the humility except that first blast when we got outside the airport but that passed rather quickly. I didn't have a hard time breathing but my lungs did feel heavy. I lived in Florida for a year but the humidity there wasn't as noticeable as the humidity in Costa Rica. Being closer to the Equator or being so densely inhabited by vegetation might have something to do with that though. Come to think of it I was also 18 and very thin when I lived in Florida so that might have something to do with it also.

I actually prefer humidity, it just takes some getting used to. If you are physically fit it's not an issue in my eyes. We went down there kinda tubby so until we started eating the fresh produce and fish and living a healthier lifestyle we did have some issues with... um... chaffing in uncomfortable areas. Goldbond and baby powder became my best friends! Once we lost a bunch of weight we didn't have the chaffing issue anymore. The only thing in my eyes that I could see being an issue is that if things aren't properly ventilated you can develop problems like mold, fungus and rashes. The majority of the buildings down there are pretty well ventilated though so it was hardly an issue and if you are fit and wear breathable clothing rashes most likely won't be an issue either. Personally I think the humidity was good for my body. My hair was silkier and I really didn't need to use lotion either! I saved a ton of money not having to buy lotion as much! The humidity was actually a rather nice feeling once you got use to it, kind of like a warm bath!

Dry heat I don't care much for. I grew up and currently live in the desert of Washington state and lived in California for a few years mainly in the Inland Empire and Long Beach areas. Summers here in WA get up around 110+! I don't know about you but dry heat makes me sweat more! Things get dry and crusty if they aren't watered and tended to daily. At least where we are living right now has free irrigation so our landscaping and lawn stay nice. Can't say as much for my hair and skin though! Seriously, my hair is disgusting right now! Dry and brittle like no other! I feel like I have fine hay for hair. Some of that is due to previously dying my hair which I haven't done all summer because as soon as it got hot my hair turned to hay. My roots are pretty bad right now. I'm going to order some tattoo grade henna and try that. I got a tip from someone and they said it doesn't fade like red hair dye and it conditions your hair and can help fix split ends. (I'll write a review blog later about that for those interested.) Now as far as my skin goes I have really dry skin in the summer here. Lotion doesn't always help. I try to stay hydrated as well but sometimes I sweat it out faster than I can replenish it. Chapstick and lotion are my best friends right now, it being the end of July. I'm so glad we got a window unit this year, at least half of our house is cool. It also ads a little humidity to the air so I like it! Normally I'm not someone who has to have a/c but when it's over 110 and you live in an old house it feels more like 210! It's like being in an oven! To me humidity wins by a long shot in this battle! I'd take a warm bath over an oven any day! One of the many reasons Andy and I have chosen to move back to Costa Rica! More on that later.....Until next time!

Love and Peace,
Spottie O'Keefe
Pin Up (soon to be) In Paradise